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Our church meets at 105 S. Galena Ave., Minneola, Florida. Click on the “About” in the menu bar above to see our location on a map.

Sunday January 7th is begins the ongoing exegetical series “Walking With Jesus.” We will see what the Bible says, learn what it means, and examine how we can apply the timeless principles of God in our lives.

First Baptist is proud to be part of a city that truly cares for the people. Please remember that nobody needs to go without food or clothing. Please help get that word out to people in the Minneola area that every Wednesday at First Baptist we feed and cloth the needy in our community.

One last thing, please know that I care for everyone in our city. If you or someone you know needs to talk, please contact me. Find my contact information by clicking the “Contact” in the menu bar.

Loving You and the City of Minneola, 

Pastor Tim

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